Vodacom Fibre


For your Business or for your Home, Vodacom operates as a fixed line provider, as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or both depending on the setup. Fibre provides a very scalable, reliable, super fast internet service. Vodacom’s point of differentiation in this space is the provision of an un-contended fibre connection. Fibre services are sold based on the speed of the line ranging from 5 megabits per second (mbps) upto 100 mbps and then further through the amount of data you expect to consume in a month.

When choosing a Fibre provider the speed offered can either be a contended or un-contended, on a un-contended connection the ratio of the speed for downloading (receiving) data versus uploading data (sending) is 1 to 1, so if you sign up a 20mbps connection you should be able to send and receive data at the same speed at all times. On a contended connection the ISP can set the contention ratios and the service can operate on a best effort principle and can be affected by internet traffic in your neighbourhood, for example you can sign up a connection with 10mbps download and 5 mbps upload speed, both these speeds will be the maximum possible but may not always be achieved or guaranteed.